Registration of birth

The baby must be reported within 3 days after birth. This is done at the city hall of the place where the child is born. You have to bring a valid ID, proof of birth (which you get from us or from the hospital) and your marriage certificate or proof of recognition. The municipal officer then makes a birth certificate. This is proof that the child is born. The child will be taken after the birth in the personal details register (BRP) and instantly given a Citizens Service Number (BSN).

The following persons may apply the registration:

  • the father or mother;
  • someone who was present at birth, such as a friend or family member. Please note that this is only allowed if the parents are not able to report;
  • a fellow resident of the house at which the child was born;
  • the head of the hospital/clinic or their representative.

Registering a birth costs nothing. However, you pay fees if you want a copy of the birth certificate. Check with your city hall which costs apply.

Birth Certificate

At the birth registration, a birth certificate is drawn up. This birth certificate lists the names of your child. If you find out that your child’s name is misspelled? Then you can correct the error of the birth certificate at city hall.
Find more information on the website of Government of the Netherlands and city The Hague.

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