Preparation for childbirth

Every mother will prepare differently for the coming childbirth. Some people read many books about childbirth, take pregnancy classes, listen to stories from family and friends or a some other ways to prepare for the upcoming birth. How you decide to prepare is up to you, there is no better choice than the other. Some expectant parents want to make a birth plan to set out the moment of birth. If you have this desire then we can give you some examples to make preparation. It’s convenient for mothers over 37 weeks to prepare a “flight case” at home and to get the maternity package.

Maternity package

Normally you will receive a maternity package from your health insurance. This is sent to your home around 30 weeks if you have requested this. If it’s not possible to apply for this, it can be bought from a drugstore or pharmacy.
The maternity package should contain:

  • 10 fiber mats 60x40cm (blue / green)
  • 2 large white fiber mats
  • plastic bedspread
  • 2 packs of sterile gauze compresses 10x10cm
  • 2 boxes sterile gauze 5 × 5 cm
  • 2 packs stall link
  • zigzag cotton wool
  • disinfectant soap
  • 70% alcohol bottle
  • umbilical clamp
  • Optional: 1 to 2 gauzepants
  • Optional: 10 loose white gloves


The ‘Flight case’

It is important to always keep the suitcase ready as preparation, even if you are going to give birth at home.

For the mother

  • A simple t-shirt for the delivery
  • toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shower soap, deodorant, brush (after childbirth you may shower)
  • clean underwear (nursing bra)
  • thick socks
  • pyjamas / dressing gown
  • clean clothes to go home (note: a jogging suit is the easiest)
  • phone + charger
  • camera / video camera (charging, space for photos)
  • Pregnancy Card + sticker / badge hospital

For the baby

  • bodysuit with long sleeves
  • clothes, socks, shoes
  • two caps
  • a jacket, even in summer
  • a blanket, even in summer
  • maxi cosi for transport home (practice at least once how to mount it)

flight case preparation