Pregnancy examinations

When the outcome of your pregnancy test is positive, you can call us to schedule an initial appointment. You can also sign up through the application . We will respond as soon as possible and contact you to schedule an appointment for pregnancy examinations.

Initial examination

The first check will take about half an hour. During this first meeting, we will examine how the state of health of the (future) mother is, the health of your partner and other family members. It’s important for us to get to know each other. Other things such as the first day of the last menstrual period will be asked, your menstrual cycle and whether any previous pregnancies have been and how they were conducted, which is necessary to calculate a provisional due date.
During this check we will take your blood pressure and we will calculate you BMI. If it is possible already, we will try to listen to the heart tones from you baby. Furthermore, you will receive a referral for blood tests and ultrasound term. You will get informative documentation about the pregnancy, SEO and prenatal diagnosis. Over the last two aspects, we will also counsel if you need more information about this.

Important to take the first pregnancy check:

  • health insurance card
  • ID
  • Optional: Referring from gynaecologist / GP
  • Optional: outcome previous pregnancies
  • if available: outcome ultrasound

Follow-up checks

A typical examination takes about fifteen minutes. We will these measure your blood pressure and weight. We determine the growth of the uterus and the baby. From about 28 weeks, we can determine the location of your child. The last weeks of pregnancy, we will feel if the head has descended into the pelvis. During every check we will listen to the heart of the baby. As always you have the opportunity to ask questions on all checks.
Pregnancy examinations