obstetric care

As midwives we support women during pregnancy, childbirth and maternity. But even if you would like to become pregnant, have a child you can turn over for information or a pre-conception consultation. Our practice consists of an enthusiastic team of two obstetricians and an acting midwife.
To offer you the best care, we premise our personal and expert guidance, attention and commitment for you and partner which will be central during this period. From getting pregnant until birth, if you have any questions you can always call us.
When you’re pregnant for the first time it may be that you are not prepared. Therefore, we will provide you with all the information. Consider the guidance of a healthy pregnancy to prenatal screening, nutrition for the baby, about childbirth, pregnancy courses and what else that needs to be regulated.

Guidance getting pregnant

If you have a child, are pregnant or looking for a midwife for care after childbirth you can directly register with us for this. That can be done via the website, but also by telephone. We keep our practice at Strausslaan 90, at the health clinic Nieuw Waldeck. Regular appointments are available Tuesday / Friday from 8:00 to 16:45. For scheduling a meeting contact us.

We are connected to our professional association, the Royal Dutch Association of Midwives ( KNOV ). We’re also registered in the quality register of KNOV. Thus, we commit ourselves to monitor all regulations, regular courses and training. Acting in accordance with regulatory standards of care are very important to us. Complemented by personal care and contact, we hope to make a good time together. The midwives are registered in the BIG register, which guarantees the personal and professional expertise.

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