Midwifery practice The Hague

Midwifery practice The Hague

The search for a midwife in The Hague is an important role during the pregnancy. The midwife monitors your health and the development of the pregnancy closely. During the midwife checks that take place regularly the progress of the pregnancy will be monitored. The parents are always centered in out approach in wich we will discuss the obstetric care plan. Our midwives will be your first point of contact for all questions about pregnancy and birth. General information about obstetric care is available at: www.deverloskundige.nl .

Midwifery practice The Hague – Margriet

As midwives, it is important to inform prospective parents with all aspects related of pregnancy and childbirth. So one can come into contact with the sonographer/nurse, gynaecologist, pediatrician, nurse or lactation consultant. Midwifery practice the hague keurmerk

The gynaecologist

A gynecologist is a specialist doctor, which treat certain disorders of women. You can think of disorders at female sex organs, fertility treatments but also in urinal disorder.
In the Netherlands births are supervised by midwives. If there are medical complications or indications the gynaecologist will take over this care. With multiples you will also be supervised by this doctor. Midwifery practice Margriet works closely with gynaecologists from the Haga Hospital, HMC Westeinde and Bronovo.

The sonographer

During pregnancy it is important to keep track of the growth of the baby. By carrying out an ultrasound, one can monitor the progress. Here you can can watch them via the HD screen for your baby. This will take place at fixed times during the pregnancy. We collaborate with the sonographers of Obstetric ultrasound practice . All results will be directly linked back to us via mail care where we add it to your file.

Centre for Youth and Family (CJG)

After closure of the Maternity week the nurses and doctors at the centre will track the growth and development. They also carry some medical checks, including hearing tests and give vaccinations.