Active Midwives

In the Practice consists of two midwives. Margriet Szylar Braun and Robin van der Weg. Both are qualified and experienced midwives which can speak Dutch, English and German. Margriet is a native Polish speaker. During the pregnancy you will learn both of us. Depending on the schedule you will be able to contact one of us both.
During the whole pregnancy process we monitor the normal course of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. In any case where there is an exeptionale medical indication, we’ll obviously refer you to a specialist gynecologist, general practitioner or pediatrician and guide you there.

Permanent care

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that one of us is ill, go on vacation or busy during a course. At that moments you can get an attending midwife. We have one permanent observer, Denice van den Berg. We try to, if possible, announce these absences in time.

Backup midwives

In any case where multiple births occur simultaneously, colleague obstetricians will be available from other practices. We have several colleague practices in our network we work with in exceptional cases. There will always be someone available for emergencies.

Our midwives are qualified practitioners registered in the BIG-register.

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