Place of birth – Home birth

Some women already know from the first time they go for a home birth, others prefer to go to the hospital to get their child. The advice of a good midwife may help in the drafting of the birth plan. If you have no medical indication, you can choose where you want to give birth.
Generally the contractions proceeds best when you feel at ease. It is important to think carefully about what gives you the safest feeling. If labor really begins, we always ask again for your choice where to give birth. Sometimes it is also good for yourself, to keep both options open, so that you are not very disappointed if it’s running different than planned. Both home and hospital birth are safe, but both have advantages and disadvantages. We always will respect any choice you make.

Home birth

The Netherlands is known as a Western country where many home birth are still held. Our Dutch midwives are trained to supervise and handle home births, the care you need is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The infrastructure in our region makes that a hospital is always easily accessible. We apply strict risk selection to each moment of care. This means that if it is safe and you have a healthy pregnancy, you can give birth under our supervision where you want. In childbirth at home, we are assisted by the maternity nurse. We have the same tools, oxygen and medication at home as in the hospital, for mother and child to provide safe care.

Why a home birth?

The advantage of home delivery is that you are in your own familiar surroundings. Here you can have control over the conditions. This means that you can often better relax. So you are in control and this means that you can often better relax. For a couple, it is often good to be home / to go their own way. After giving birth, the nurse makes sure everything is cleaned up, you can get under your own shower after you delivered the baby. You can then relax quietly together in your own bed and enjoy your child. When problems occur during or after childbirth then the midwife will consult a gynaecologist or pediatrician and makes sure you will get to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you decide to give birth at home, we will always schedule a home visit to make sure the home is safe enough to give birth. Often at the center of The Hague it’s not always possible.  It depends on the windows on the floor where you live are big enough to carry a stretcher or that the fire brigade cannot get close enough to your home. We will make a good selection if we find it responsible enough to give birth at home. Otherwise we will discuss this with you in an earlier stage.

Polyclinical childbirth

If you are delivering in the hospital without any medical indication, it’s called a polyclinical birth. Normally a polyclinic delivery starts at home. We consult with you about the time we go to the hospital. This is usually if the contractions are good enough and you have more than 4cm dilation. The moment we decide to go to the hospital, we call each hospital to arrange a delivery.

During childbirth a maternity nurse will be present to assist us at the time of delivery. Sometimes we need to move to another hospital within The Hague because of occupation of delivery rooms. During an outpatient delivery we have the same tools and resources as at a home birth. For an polyclinical delivery you often have to pay a contribution. The amount of this contribution can vary by insurer. We work a lot with the Haga Hospital, where usually will take place the birth if you choose for a polyclinical childbirth.

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