Maternity checks

And there you have it: Your baby is born! Finally you can touch your baby and look into the eyes. New feelings & hormones are raging the body. It’s a time where a lot is happening. The first week, the maternity days, runs basically from Day 1 t / m 8 day after delivery. If, after the eighth day you still need more care, we can extend the confinement until the tenth day.

Maternity Days

The maternity days are designed to adjust to your newborn baby and to recover from childbirth. There is often a lot to handle during the postpartum period: breastfeeding / formula, broken nights, changing diapers, temperatures of the baby, the baby bathe, receive visitors, equip themselves of labor, etc., etc. Ofcourse you will not be alone in this period.

From the moment you’re given birth to the eighth day after birth, a maternity nurse will come to your home. We remain primarily responsible for your care in the postpartum period and the nurse will therefore constantly inform us of the latest developments and will the first contact to us. If there are medical indications they will inform us immediately. They will help you in such a way with feeding and care of the baby, so that you learn the skills and confidence at the end of the maternity week to pick up the care of your child independently.

If you have any questions when the nurse isn’t present you can reach us 24 hours a day.
We will visit you regularly within the maternity week at your home. We will check how things are going with you and your baby and if necessary give advice. If the child has passed 72 hours we can perfom a PKU test.

For the PKU test a couple drops of blood are needed which we catch on a specially designed form. The blood is tested for diseases that are treatable if they are detected early. More information can be found in the brochures you receive or on the website of the RIVM.

Pregnant and under the control of the gynecologist?

We also supervise the childbirth separately. If you need a midwife, you can always contact us for more information.

maternity PKU