Maternity care

Maternity care

During the first appointment, we will give you full explanation of maternity care. You may choose any agency you choose, we can help you to make the right choice for maternity care that suits you, feel free to ask during your first appointment. The nurse will come during childbirth, if you give birth at home, or will help you and your partner (if any) in the care of your child after birth. She will help a few hours a day in the first eight days at home. The amount of time they stay depends on your insurance and your own desire. During these visits they will explain some practical information, perform a number of checks and will mainly support you. The maternity care is also very important to us, because they can attend us when medically something does not seems right, where we can make adjustments if necessary.

Giving birth at Haga Hospital

If you choose to give birth at the hospital, it is necessary to register you there. We often work with the Haga Hospital. If you want to give birth, it is important to sign up at the hospital, so that you will be in the medical system and get the required stickers. You can do this at the registration desk of the hospital. It is also useful to register in the birth hotel (Haga Juliana) of the Haga hospital.

Recognition of the child

If the father and mother of the child are not married, it is recommended that the father indicate during the pregnancy that he recognizes the unborn child. This prevents a lot of administrative hassle after childbirth. Moreover, the child can, if you so choose, get the name of the father after birth. Recognition is done at the municipality where you live. You must go together to the city hall. The father must recognize the child and the mother has to give their consent, it’s important to take proof of identity with you (ID, passport).
By recognizing the father will have the right and the duty to maintain the child. The father will not immediately get custody. This has to be submitted in a separate request to the clerk of the court if it is necessary.

Maternity Package

You can get a maternity package through your health insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider. The maternity package contains all kinds of practical items that are useful during the maternity week.